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Such Fun!

First things first.... MIRANDA/GARY!!!! So much Miranda/Gary *omg!squeeeee!* ... but still they break my heart... *le sigh*.

- Can I have my own Gary please? Please? Ah, semi-naked Tom Ellis is always good... and hand-holding, and so many near kisses, and loving looks.... oh my god!

- "I think we should sleep together" - say that to me Tom Ellis! Say that to me!

- I love it when Miranda and Gary are crap at making things up on the spot.

- I adored Penny this episode. Amazing.

- "well you are Cheddar gorge..." - oh Tilly.

- This probably would have been the episode we saw being filmed had it not been cancelled *sadface*, although maybe it's a good thing, considering all the unnatural noises I made whilst watching this episode...  there was squeeing, screeching NOOOO! er, yeah. I get far too invested in Miranda.
This is probably my most fangirly post ever. Ah well.
Tags: miranda, tom ellis
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